With the costs of electricity continuing to rise, there’s never been a better or more affordable time to make the switch. With Urban Solar, the savings are clear – you can make the switch to solar today without spending a penny, while reducing your home or business’s carbon footprint, and enjoying other amazing benefits including lower utility costs, federal tax credits and increased property of business value.

Installing solar adds value to your home.

Multiple studies have shown that installation of a solar panel system increases property values and adds significant value to your home. Homes with solar panel systems installed experience an increase in value by 3% to 4%, and they often sell twice as fast as those without solar systems.

Solar can cover 100% of your electricity bill.

Based on the available space on your roof, solar can cover the entirety of your electricity bill payments. We will look at your utility bill and determine your average usage in order to design a custom system that is right for you. We have the potential to install a solar panel system that will change your energy bill as you know it…for good!

Why Choose Urban Solar

Experience the expertise of trusted solar professionals.

Our solar panels are made with top-quality components.

Solar financing saves you money from day one.

Urban Solar is the most recommended solar company in the industry.

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